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We have set up this website to offer you a variety of debt consolidation services. We offer professional debt relief services including debt consolidation, and once we speak with you we can carefully assess your situation to determinee the proper course of action we need to take to help you get out of debt in the fastest and most affordable way possible.

We can help you when it comes to consolidating your loans, repairing your credit, avoiding bankruptcy, and solving your financial problems. If you live in Alberta then start now by entering your details in the contact form:

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Is Consolidating Your Loans Right For You?

In most cases this is one of the best solutions. It allows a borrower to get rid of their debt faster. It can allow you to repay your loans in a fraction of the time. A debt advisor can quickly calculate your outstanding loans and set you up with a consolidation service. That consolidation service will then reduce or completely eliminate your debts. Then what you'd have to repay would be much less. Typically our debt services will be at a much reduced annual interest rate.


So for example the average of all your current outstanding loans might be 15.5%. And at that high rate of interest it could take you years to pay off. Where as once you have a consolidation debt service it will help you get out of debt much faster. Then you are simply left with far less to repay saving you a tremendous amount in interest payments.

Loan Repayment Examples:

Example One: Debt Consolidation for a typical Alberta resident:

Before alberta debt consolidation steve is paying for six separate loans each month.

Type of loan Remaining to pay Interest rate Appx. Monthly repayments
Home Loan ATB Financial $145,500 6.9% $1051
Car Loan Edmonton Alberta Honda $19,600 9.0% $415
Credit Card Visa $8,700 16.5% $240
Credit Card Mastercard $5,200 14.0% $200
Personal Loan Edmonton Insta-Loan $18,400 12.5% $427
Personal Loan 2nd Mortgage Aaron Acceptance $14,800 14.0% $349
TOTAL $221,900  -- $2,682

debt consolidation Steve's actual monthly payment is reduced from $2682 per month to $1049 per month. Saving him $1633 per month.
Type of loan Remaining to pay Interest rate Monthly repayments
Home Loan $221,900 7.6% $1,633
Savings per month $1049     (Every month John has extra $1049 in his pocket.)

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